Friday, September 04, 2009

day 3

as you can see, she is juuuuust about over these fashion photos.. her face is hilarious.
this is a denim chambray dress with cute little ruffles and these adorable buttons..
this one is my fav..
so, she absolutely looooves school..
she said she wants to be in kindergarten forever.. (me too)

tonight we made our usual friday night pizza and the girls are pros now..

chloe made cheese and makena made red pepper, onion and basil...

sorry i don't have an after pic.. the house got crazy (as usual)
and the pizza was gobbled in about 5 seconds..
i love fridays.
(ps- don't worry, chloe peeks for a real quick second and is very scared of touching the "HAAAAAT" oven, notice her hands on her thighs.)

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