Wednesday, January 11, 2012


these plants make me happy. 
they are next to my sink and i feel like they are jewelry in my kitchen.
i do not have a green thumb.
i mean.
at. all.
they sit there.. when the soil looks really dry i run some water over them.
they seem to be as happy as can be.
do you know what is even better about these plants?
they are proven by NASA to filter the toxins out of your home..
it is a proven fact.
having these plants is kinda like having your cake.. and eating it too..
they are BEAUTIFUL and they provide a cleaner environment.
i have a big fortis plant in a white pot in my living room too..
you can get one of these or many other selections over here at green your air.
you have heard me talk about green your air before.
maryam is fabulous in many, many ways.
i love her.
and her amazing company..
you can check her out here
until january 22nd.. 
all of you lucky readers can get 25% off by entering FAWNC25 at checkout.. 
yippy skippy!

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