Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to let you all in on an amazing product I recently discovered..
they funny thing is, I discovered these from a couple friends of mine that love them, swore by them and told me I had to have them. So.. I went to buy some and it turns out..I know Marlo the girl who makes them and is the mastermind behind these beauties.. we used to work at Anthropologie together.. I can not tell you the amount of talent and creativity that oozes from the employees there.. I have an AMAZING group of girls that we all got to know and love eachother working there and we still get together and keep in touch..
I love them with all my heart...
ok. enough of my gushing..
Long story short, I bought some hair ties, went home, contacted Marlo and she offered to do a giveaway right here on the ol' blog.. 
3 of you will will a pack of these little jewels..
not just 1 but 3 winners!
Pretty good odds my friends!
You will LOVE these hair ties.. they are adorable, look fancier than an ugly hair tie, even on your wrist, no kinks in your hair from wearing a pony all day, no tearing your hair trying to get it out of your hair {or your daughters hair.. the drama!!!},  it really just sliiiides out, it adds just a bit of something special to your basic bun.. or messy in my case..
they are handmade by Marlo locally in Cardiff.. she sells them all over boutiques all around town.. for a full list where..

all you have to do to enter is..
and finally..
Leave a comment here on the blog.
if you want extra credit {meaning another entry} or if you already like both facebook pages..
sign up for email alerts to my blog over there -------->
Good Luck my dear friends and spread the word!
I will be picking a winner via on Thursday!
Now for some photos..
I can never post without photos...


SurferWife said...

Oooh! I was just eyeballing these at The Dailey Method today. I was told they do indeed hold your hair well, which is good because my ponytail is heavy.

I was laready liking your page but now I like hers as well.

Verity said...

Yay I want some Marlo magic hairties!

ktandro said...

oh my goodness these are oh so lovely! so blessed to know you both :) xoxoxoxo

staceyp said...

Oh Anthro, you brought the most creative and inspiring people into my life! I love it!!!!

Gretchen said...

These look fabulous!

mjam said...

Ohhhh cute, always looking for ways to debump the ponytail.

kboland said...

I have daily battles with my daughter over keeping her hair back. She won't be able to resist with these cute ties. We'll have to share! Our thick hair is always a challenge so I love when I find good products like this!

Lara said...

I've seen you rock these and they are fab! My hair wants some... love you girlie.

Anonymous said...

I love these hair ties! The colors are so cheerful.